Drill Bits

The drill bit is “where the rubber meets the road”, making it a vital component of any drilling system. No matter how powerful a hammer is, if it does not transfer this power and energy, efficiently into breaking the rock, performance will be compromised. A Bit´s design must achieve the highest possible energy transfer to the rock, as well as providing optimal cuttings removal from the bottom of the hole, all the while attaining a high wear resistance and preventing catastrophic failures.

Bit design is therefore, a demanding undertaking.

Drillco draws from its vast experience of 35 years designing drill bits, for the most varying drilling conditions around the world. We adopt a no-compromise attitude when designing our bits, using the highest possible grades of steel and tungsten carbide, as well as heat treatment processes, all done in-house, that are constantly refined and improved.

Drillco’s drill bits can challenge any competing product in any application, anywhere in the world.