Designing and building a Down the Hole Hammer, requires achieving two main features: drilling speed and durability. Optimizing these two parameters, under which a hammer is judged, requires facing hard technical challenges, in order to address conflicting design goals.

In addition, the different industries where hammers are used, usually involve very different rock formations. This means that meeting these two performance goals under such varying drilling contexts, is seldom achieved by a single tool, either a hammer or a drill bit.

Drillco’s design philosophy is to develop customized hammer lines, tuned to these different drilling conditions. Additionally, other performance parameters, pertinent to specific industries, such as directional control, back pressure handling, sample recovery and the like, pose additional design challenges for drilling hammers.

Our company strives to design its hammers in close collaboration with selected customers, who bring their extensive drilling experience and operational insight, providing invaluable design inputs for Drillco’s engineers.

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